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Our dog Lucy, an Australian Shepherd


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My name is Stefanie Kunkel and I live with my husband Olaf, our children Lisa (17) and Niklas (13) in the village of Untermeitingen in Bavaria, south of Augsburg and west of Munich. Other members of our household are Matty the cat and of course our dogs Lucy, Max and Kessy.

I saw my first Australian Shepherd, when I was looking for a dog with my friends. It happened that I landed on the homepage of an Aussie breeder and was fascinated by this to me unknownd race. When friends of ours looked at some new born Aussies close to where we live I got really excited. This is how they got their Jacky and we got infected with the Aussie bug.

Old dreams of starting a breed of dogs. It wasn't long before I started looking around. And I was very lucky: with my breeder, Susanne Müller, I not only found someone who patiently answered all my questions, but who also was experienced in the subject. She helped us to pick the puppy and entrusted our Lucy to us. To this day I haven't regretted this step and would be happy to share my enthusiasm about this wonderful race with you.

If you have any questions, please contact me.